Four Easy Steps to Upload a Resume to Your Webpage




Using Google Docs your resume can be downloaded as a pdf. Then easily uploaded to the HTML file.


Here are the steps:


  1. In Google Docs - File > Download as > PDF Document (.pdf)



2. In your computer go to Downloads. Find your Resume.pdf and copy to the           project folder you are using.


3. Open the editor of your choice. (ex. VScode)


4. In the html file go to the code where the resume will be linked to and follow the examples below. 




<a href="Resume.pdf” class="resume-text">Resume</a>

(In Materialize)


<li><a href="2019_HANSEN_Resume.pdf" type="pdf" target="_blank">RESUME</a></li>(Provided by:K.Hansen)

<a href="Hansen_Resume_long.pdf" type="pdf" target="_blank" class="button">RESUME</a>

(Provided by: K.Hansen)



These samples are code that can be used in your HTML page. First sample is using an <a> tag in Materialize CSS. The other two were provided by K.Hansen. One is within an <li> the other is an <a> tag with a class="button". Following these four steps should get a Google Doc pdf uploaded to your webpage in seconds. 


Ilda Rodriguez is a Mom's Can Code School student who is training to become a front-end developer. Ilda is inspired by art and design to build responsive and easy to use websites. She is a mother of two and lives with her family in Chicago, Illinois. 

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