5 Tips for Optimizing Productivity on a Remote Team Using ClickUp

Want to know how to increase your productivity? This post will show you how to optimize your productivity using ClickUp, a productivity platform. ClickUp is a great way to stay productive when working on a remote project or with a remote team. You will be able to customize your layout, create tasks and subtasks, assign tasks and check them off when you are done, sounds great right? Who doesn’t like to check things off a list?


Here are 5 quick tips and tricks to optimize your organization and productivity when using ClickUp.


1. Assign tasks to others

Assigning tasks to others will allow you to delegate tasks to other members of your team. This feature keeps the task in your projects dashboard so you can keep track of it and watch the progress other team members are making on the task. You can also assign subtasks which is also helpful for completing projects with a remote team.


2. Set due dates

Setting due dates seems like an obvious method for improving productivity. ClickUp allows you to set virtually any due date you can imagine with infinity options for recurrences. Establishing due dates is an incredibly helpful tool for keeping all team members on track and knowing their goal deadline.  


3. Set priorities

Setting priorities as low, normal, high, and urgent for each task/subtask allows teammates to make easy decisions on which tasks to work on first. Having a universal understanding of the priority of tasks can help reduce unnecessary communication therefore optimizing productivity.


4. Add integrations

Integrations are especially great for optimizing productivity with a team. Integrating other platforms such as Slack, Google Docs, and/or GitHub allows for an increase in organization and reduces the need to add extra steps in your day. All you need to do is use the ClickUp option to add a task where needed and it will update your ClickUp to reflect the task you created.


5. Use comments


Comments allow for communication within each task. Comments can be used to pose a question, update status and much more. Good communication is an essential part of working on a remote team using this feature will guarantee optimal productivity.



Stephanie McInelly is a marriage and family therapist and aspiring front-end web developer. Who believes in bringing individuals the necessary tools to achieve their goals.


Stephanie’s fascination with technology began during her work in telehealth. She has worked remotely and provided therapeutic services.


Stephanie has graduated from Pacific Lutheran University with a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy. Currently, Stephanie is a student in the Moms Can Code School working to build her coding skills and set out into the tech field.


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