Time Management Hacks for Moms

April 29, 2019

Time management is a tricky thing for most people, but for moms it can be a bit harder as we often require an ability to balance many activities at once and often the role of mom doesn’t end at a certain time. Thankfully there are few calendar tools that integrate with Google Calendars and make life a little easier.


Tool One: Slack


Slack is a great platform for communicating and learning code as well as attending events, and the list goes on, but did you know Slack also integrates into your Google Calendar? As long as you have a gmail account and share your email with the Slack admin you can view upcoming events on your calendar.


Tool Two: Calendly

We have Slack meeting and events on our calendar, how do we integrate work?  Most companies have their own network and may or may not be able to integrate, but if you are freelancing then using Calendly is great way to share your availability. To be more specific; once you set up your availability in Calendly it will pull from your Google Calendar and it will not set up meetings where you have time blocked off. Note: you will need to pay special attention to the “busy” field on the event form because if you are set to “busy” in Google and it’s a reminder then Calendly will not open that time for you.


It’s TIME to Sync Up!


You now have events from Slack and work why not make sure your calendar also includes personal events like appointments for your kids or maybe you want to share this with your husband? For more information on how to share calendars and set up multiple calendars view this 11 minute Google Calendar Tutorial.  It also shows you how to migrate your existing calendar (for ex. if you’re currently using your IPhone iCal) onto Google Calendars.


At the end of the day whether you’re on a PC or Mac, you can use your Google Calendar as a one-stop-shop. Time management is tricky for everyone, but hopefully being able to add everything to one calendar will make our lives as moms just a little less hectic and give us more time for ourselves and family.



Lea is a current Moms Can Code member and DevelopCamp Cohort 2 student.

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