The 3 Best Slack Hacks to Keep You Organized

Slack. Not to be confused with loose rope or a lack or work or activity in business. Quite the contrary. Slack is a powerhouse productivity and collaboration tool that actually stands for "Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge" according to the founder, Stewart Butterfield. This real-time messaging app has been a heavy hitting tool in workplaces, especially those that are virtual. From powerful integrations and the ability to share files, to connecting with coworkers via private messages, through specific project channels, and even taking the water-cooler chit chat virtual with humorous /giphy responses, Slack is here to stay. 



While there is a learning curve to using Slack, and the functionality can feel overwhelming, here are a few handy hacks to help you begin using Slack daily and feeling like a pro in no time. Plus, you'll be able to organize your to do list and access your files all in one place.


3 Best Slack Hacks to Keep You Organized


1. /remind commands help you make a to-do list

Can't live without a to-do list? The trusty Slackbot allows you to set reminders so you can keep track of your most important tasks, whether that's drinking water or an appointment for pair programming tomorrow. Creating the list is simple. Enter /remind into the Slack text box followed by your task. You can even schedule reminders for specific dates and times (just use the MM/DD/YYYY format). 

In order to review a list of reminders, use the /remind list. You'll then be able to mark tasks as complete or even delete them.



2. Use stars to create a to-do list

This is another great way to create a task list in Slack. "Starring" items in Slack marks them as important. Mouse over a message or file and click on the grey star. This turns in "yellow" and adds it to your list of starred items. To view this list, click on the star in the top right corner of the screen. 



3. Connect Google Drive to Slack

Google drive is a popular and efficient way for teams to share and store files. Slack allows you to connect with Google Drive. You can index and read files and perform searches for content. To share, simply paste a Google Drive link into the message box and Slackbot will be prompted to ask if you'd like to connect. By clicking "Yes", you'll grant permission.





Catie Carey is a freelance web developer and student in The Moms Can Code School's Cohort 2. She is the Owner/Founder of Gainesville FL Moms Blog and works for the parent company, City Moms Blog Network as Technology & Resources Coordinator. She is mom to 3 boys and married to a super talented Sys Admin. She loves sunshine, fitness, food, and friends here in Gainesville Florida.


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