Develop Camper: Meg Kozak

April 4, 2019

Meet Develop Camp Cohort 1 students and their mentors. 


Meet Meg Kozak! She's a proud mom to three beautiful kids. Twin girls named Bridgette and Olivia that are 11 years old and their brother Matthew who is 13 years old.


Past Education

  • New York Code & Design Academy (2017-Full Stack Web Dev)

  • University of Charleston (2010-M.B.A)

  • Seton Hill University(1994-B.S.)

  • Registered Dietitian & Licensed Massage Therapist


Current Position


  • Wellness Director/Entrepreneur x 16 years


What has been the biggest challenge you've faced since becoming a mom? 

I would have to say it's continuously striving to find balance in a matrix of ever-changing needs in a growing family.

What has been your proudest accomplishment as a mom?


My proudest moments as a mom are when I see my children overcome their fears. When they decide to trust and take a leap into the unknown, only to resurface with a better idea of themselves. For example, I took Matthew rock climbing when he was young. He was so scared he froze up with fear clinging to the rock face for what felt like an hour! After a bit of encouragement and deciding to trust me, he went for it. Climbing up the wall so high, he never looked back. Only for him to realize, what goes up must come down. Uh oh! Again after some encouragement, he kicked back, repelled down, and said that was his favorite part. We had so much fun and still talk about it to this day. As for Bridgette, she worked so hard on this one art project that took days. Despite her own skepticism and self-doubt, she submitted her work anyways. Soon we found out her artwork was chosen as the Best In Show. Upon receiving her award, she smiled so much from her heart, it could have light a million candles! It was awesome to see! Another proud mom moment is when Olivia performed as Gaston in "Beauty and The Beast" last spring. After watching her commitment to attend every practice, memorize all her lines, and even be a mentor to other younger kids was so cool. Her performance was the icing on the cake. She just blew our minds with her acting abilities and fearlessness! It is truly amazing to be a parent and be witness to these beautiful souls. It's like having the best seats to the most amazing show ever! I am proud to be their mom.

What has been your greatest professional accomplishment?

Building a community wellness center called The Folded Leaf, in Charleston, WV.

I chose to register for Develop Camp because: 


After graduating from a coding bootcamp, I found myself discouraged with the job hunt, fearful and paralyzed by "imposter syndrome." I have since reconnected with my inner-hero, reestablished my reasons to learn web development and have began coding again. Only this time, I realized I need a positive community, a learning platform, and an accountability buddy to stay true to my goals. In turn, I want to help others remain encouraged and reach their goals too. To my delight, Twitter is how I found MomsCanCode. I am so grateful! Thank you Erica and to all the others whom have made this community amazing already.

I am most looking forward to the future because:


I am going to find an amazing position in web development soon! This position will allow me to challenge myself professionally, work within a team again and offer flexibility to balance work and family. I look forward to achieving a higher income, to offer opportunities for my family to travel, to give back and enjoy making memories together.

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