Meet Chris Venturini, Develop Camp Mentor

February 8, 2019

Over the next few weeks, we will be featuring Develop Camp Cohort 1 participants and their mentors. 


Chris is a Senior Engineering Manager living in Pittsburgh, PA. 


How did you become a developer? 


Unlike most software developers, I don't have a college degree that might have indicated that would be my career path. My highest degree is actually in the digital arts, but I did grow up with parents who both hold computer science degrees. My career as a developer began when the company I worked for needed one, and I volunteered. The rest is history. When I made that career change over ten years ago, unfortunately there were no bootcamps. I learned most of my skills by spending thousands on books and by doing.

What has been the biggest challenge you've faced as a developer?


Realizing that not everyone in development will appreciate your experience or skills. Being a developer is a lot like being an artist. There are multiple mediums and approaches and everyone has a different opinion on them.

What advice do you have for moms or dads who are pursuing a career in web development?

To stay relevant, pay attention to the industry beyond your immediate surroundings. A software development career isn’t your typical “learn fundamental skills and you’re set for life” style of career. It requires constant learning of new skills and technology.


What has been your greatest professional accomplishment?


Being recognized as an expert in the industry by taking part in several public speaking engagements and interviews, in addition to being accepted as a Pluralsight author.

I chose to volunteer as a Develop Camp mentor because:

I have a passion for professionally mentoring people who want to progress in their career.

I am most looking forward to the future because:

I get to mentor someone who wants to wants to start a career in an industry that I love.

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