Meet Amanda Ducach, Co-Founder of SocialMama

March 26, 2018

Amanda Ducach is one of the co-founders of SocialMama, an app for connecting mamas with other mamas. Follow SocialMama on their website, Facebook, and Instagram.

What inspired you to start your company?   

Our best friend, Alicia, lives in Minnesota, and her son has bad allergies. She was looking for a "mom friend" with whom she could connect on a deep level and also understood what it is like to have a child with severe allergies. We looked for a platform to help her find this "mom friend" but it didn't exist, so we created it. It has taken us 2.5 years with lots of ups and downs.  


What advice would you give to fellow women who are looking to start their own tech company?   

Align yourself with the right resources, mentors, and partners upfront and shoot for the stars. Any dream is possible, just make sure that everyone and everything you surround yourself with has the same passion.  


Is there any coding or technical knowledge that helped you create this business?  

My husband is my partner, and he is in tech, so his years of coding and architecture really made the project take off. We could not have done it without his love for coding and his support for women in the STEM industry.  


What is the most important thing you hope your son learns about women in tech as he watches you in the years to come?  

That women need to be in STEM, and we all need to help make that happen! Who runs the world...girls! Girls need to code, and it is never too late to start!  
What are ways you stay current?   

There are some business influencers I follow; I love finding them through Rent the Runway's entrepreneur's organization. I also find women who I admire on social media, reach out, and start networking. Soon, Social Mama will be a great way to network and mentor with other business mamas. And, we look forward to seeing "mom coders" matching with other "mom coders." 


What is your favorite founding mom moment?  

When someone whom you admire but you never thought would write you back writes to you first!  


How do you create balance in your life?    

Good coffee, childcare and a morning ritual. Oh, and all of the mamas I have already met through Social Mama that help me keep my sanity... truly!

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