#WomenWhoInspire: Kathy Calder Haselmaier

February 15, 2018


Kathy Calder Haselmaier is the founder of WorkingParentStories.com, providing inspiration, encouragement and humor along with tips, tricks and advice for working parents. Learn more about Working Parent Stories on their website.


What field or industry are you currently in?

I started in software development and then worked in high-tech marketing, sales, and business development. Currently, I'm the Editor of Working Parent Stories and retired from Hewlett Packard Enterprise.


What inspired you to start your company?
When I retired at the end of my 32-year career, I wanted to find a way to support younger working parents. I had a huge network of friends and colleagues who had worked full time while raising children and knew they had so much to share. Publishing their stories and sharing them via social media was a logical way to provide support for the younger parents.
Is there any coding or technical knowledge that helped you create this business?
Being comfortable with technology and having worked on many websites in the past enabled me to create the Working Parent Stories website quickly and continue to enhance it. My experience working in marketing and communications has also helped as I learn a lot more about social media in order to share the stories.
Have you had to make any sacrifices in your personal life to achieve your professional success?
Everyone has to make choices about how to spend their time. As a working parent, I was constantly prioritizing opportunities and making difficult choices about how to spend my time. I sacrificed a lot of fun in order to be sure my family was receiving the attention I thought they deserved and my employer received the attention they paid me to provide. Thankfully, I found most of the efforts fulfilling, and in hindsight, I realize that the need to clearly prioritize my time meant that it was usually well spent and meaningful. The fact that my husband and I both had demanding careers and were very busy meant that a lot was expected from our kids; this is serving them well as young adults. My work helped me be a better mother than I would have been without it.


What advice do you have for women who want to pursue leadership positions?

Ask for help from a few key people.


Have you had to make any sacrifices in your personal life to achieve your professional success?

You can read part of my story here.

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