#WhyICode: Bondie Metchore finds freelance web design ideal for work/life balance

January 19, 2018

Bondie Metchore finds freelance web design ideal for balancing motherhood and work. Connect with Bondie on her website, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.


What inspired you to learn how to code?
I wanted to work on something that I could be passionate about, that would challenge me constantly and at the same time allow me the time and freedom that I need to be present in my kids’ lives, and I found that in technology and digital marketing.


Where do you currently work?  What kind of coding do you do there? 
I have my own freelance web design business for small businesses. I work mostly with WordPress, so the majority of coding I do involves HTML, CSS and PHP. 


What are ways you stay current? 
I’m in a few LinkedIn and Facebook groups, and from there, I follow specific articles and resources that are relevant at the moment. I’m also a part of a couple of monthly, local meet ups with a great group of fellow designers and developers. 

What advice do you have for moms wanting to break into technology? 
Starting anything in life requires courage, strength, and faith, and as moms, we are inherently filled with all three. My advice is to go for it! Start at your own pace and build your skills little by little. The beauty of this field is that you can learn how to code anywhere. There are tons of resources out there to help you improve. We’ve always thought of technology as the future, but I like to think of it as the now; we are in a technological era, and this is the time to take advantage of it and leave our mark as only a woman can!


Any tips for moms on how to find a company that supports working parents?
If you can’t find one, make it yourself. Freelancing has helped me to improve my skills while at the same time having the freedom that I need to make my own hours and create my own workload. I often work with local digital agencies as a contractor, which allows me to help them grow their business and accept new clients while I get new projects without investing in marketing and continue to work at my own schedule. 


Do you have a favorite story involving motherhood and coding? 
One time, I spent about 15 minutes trying to find a line of code, so I asked my 7-year-old son to help me find it to spark his interest, and he was able to spot it within seconds. I was very happy to see his skills, but I must admit that I was slightly offended!


How do you balance motherhood, a job, and learning to code? 
Oh boy! This is where it all gets tricky! Working from home really means that you never stop working. I have a lot of late nights, early mornings, buckets of coffee, and endless notepads with to-do lists. I try my best to give my kids my full attention when they are home and provide them with childhood memories in which mommy was available and not always behind the computer, so that requires me to work every other second that I can. I use everything I can to stay organized; I have a whiteboard where I write what I’m working on at the moment, my handy Google calendar to keep track of all of my kids' activities, which involve two different schools and two different drop off and pick up times, plus a couple of apps to manage my clients' projects to make sure I’m on top of everything. It’s gets difficult and hectic at times (I’m not going to lie), but it’s so worth it. I would rather be doing this than working on something that I’m not passionate about. 


Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?
I love to break stereotypes. I am from Costa Rica, an immigrant to the US, English is my second language, and I am also a young mother of two. Some may read that and think they know me, but they don’t. Everywhere I go, my goal is to serve others and help them get closer to achieving their dreams, and my work as a WordPress Developer and Designer has allow me to do that for a living. I want to be living proof to my kids that no matter where you are, where you are from, or what you look like, you can be and do anything that you put your mind and heart into. 

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