#WhyICode: Coding Makes Patricia Odani Feel Like a Superhero

December 15, 2017


From as far back as I can remember, I have always wanted to be in the IT field. I fell in love with anything computers when my principal picked me to demonstrate shutting down a computer. Back then, we had the old-time desktops, and at that point, I replaced my dolls and girly toys with anything tech.


My first encounter with Java was like seeing the man of your dreams and he just does not notice you no matter what you do to get his attention. I remember I had to get a tutor for Java, and my tutor is now one of my favorite people: Lydia Alonci. When Lydia shared her first java experience with me, I was filled with hope. She told me that once I got a hold of the concepts, it would only get better. And boy was she right!


My journey in coding is absolutely amazing. It is a skill that no one can take away from me even if they tried; I feel empowered when I am coding. You know how Popeye would use spinach to get his muscles and take care of the bad guys? That is me when I code - I am invincible!


Studying IT, being in the IT field, and surrounding myself with moms who code has been one of the best experiences in my IT journey thus far. 


Why Do I Code?


I do this for my children. 
I do this for little girls worldwide who have a dream of making a difference. 
I do this for women worldwide who are making a difference. 
I do this for the woman who wants to make a difference.


- Patricia Odani


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