#WhyICode: Aditi Gupta On Why Moms Are the Best Coders

November 24, 2017


My interaction with computers started when I was doing my PG in Mathematics in India. My father bought a desktop computer for us and from there, I started exploring the internet, getting to know more about computers and their amazing world. I thought of pursuing a professional course in computers to get into programming and coding. I did my Masters in Computer Science, and coding really is beautiful. 


I worked with Oracle for two years, and then we moved from India to the US so that my husband could pursue his Masters. I left my job at Oracle to look after our kids, home, and help everyone adjust with the move from India to the US. 


Coding is fun, and it seems like a puzzle every time. I even enjoy coding more after becoming a mom as it helps to relieve stress. I think moms make the best coders because they are problem solvers, which is the basic trait of someone who codes. Technology is advancing at a rapid speed, and I feel it’s important to learn new languages, which is why I am learning how to code.

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