My Experience at Synergy Global Forum 2017

November 13, 2017

On October 28, I was honored to attend the Synergy Global Forum 2017 in New York.  Erica Peterson, Founder & CEO of, generously provided me with this opportunity to be a part of a range of top-level conferences for entrepreneurs from all over the world. As a Software Engineer, the people I interact and work with are mostly in tech fields with STEM backgrounds; it’s a very rare but valuable experience for me to learn and grow from different perspectives.


I was extremely inspired by the first Speaker on that day: Gary Vaynerchuk, who is an entrepreneur and marketing expert. He grew his family wine business from $3 million to $60 million in five years. He is now the CEO of VaynerX, which houses his digital media company VaynerMedia. Gary talked about what made him successful and become who he is today. He credits his success to his parenting and his upbringing, and Gary believes that starting with little or from scratch was a fundamental advantage to him in life. Gary Vaynerchuk also thinks that 90 percent of the entrepreneurs out there today are going to lose over the next decade because they are not doing it for the right reasons; he thinks that many of the entrepreneurs today want money to buy things so they can flaunt it on social media.


Also, I was very impressed by the group panel interviews and QA session. CEOs from different start-up companies talked about their stories: how they started their businesses, the challenges, how to hire the right talent, funding the companies. I often put myself in their shoes: if I were the founder of a start-up, what would I value most? I think the answer is empathy, and not only on the customers’ side, but also for the people who work for you, make contributions to the products, put a lot of effort in, have faith in you, never give up on you, and spend their time to help you. It’s quite simple: effort in equals value out, and treat people how you want to be treated. It applies everywhere and makes you a better innovator.


I was left with a great feeling after seeing so many entrepreneurs and people from different areas and countries gathered together with a great desire and intention to interact with one another.


It truly was a life-changing experience.


- Elsa Wang

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