Meet Julie Fajgenbaum, Founder of Tweed Wolf

November 13, 2017

Julie Fajgenbaum is the founder of Tweed Wolf, custom photo albums from the do-it-for-you photo album service. Follow Tweed Wolf on their website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


1. When did you first start learning to code? 
I first taught myself HTML while I was in business school in the late 1990s. It was a good way to understand some of the transformative power of the web in its early days. I knew coding would never be where I focused my career, but loosely following developments in coding language and theory has helped me over the years to successfully partner with engineers and build great products together.  


2. What challenges are you most proud of accomplishing in starting this business? 
I am most proud of making a product that people love and that also has a great margin. I think one or the other is much easier. At Tweed Wolf, we built a process that has sustainably scaled while resulting in a product that customers love. We get notes from our customers with phrases like "you nailed it!" and "my mother had tears in her eyes" and "thank you, thank you, thank you." It's hugely satisfying.


3. What inspired you to choose to give back to the NYC public schools? 
I've always been obsessed with reading and early literacy. For me, it was a no brainer that Tweed Wolf would give back and give more back as we got bigger - a book for a book program just made sense.


4. What is the most important lesson you hope your children learn from watching you?
It is so fun to share every part of Tweed Wolf with my three children. They've seen me come up with the idea, launch the business, and continue to grow it. My kids are ages 7 through 10 and already know what business seasonality means, what a vendor contract is, and how to treat customers like gold. It's been an education for them. What I hope they take away from all of this is that working hard to make a product that people love is a very satisfying way to make a living. 

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