#WhyICode: Julia Bourbois Creates Connections Through GIS Maps

October 20, 2017


I began coding as an extension of my experiences in graduate school. While earning my Ph.D., I taught myself how to create web-based GIS maps for my dissertation and spent the next 5 years making numerous GIS maps. After I graduated, I expanded my interests, delving deeper into coding with the typical front-end development languages. After moving between different coding programs, I am finally finishing my Blueprint with Skillcrush. These days I try to find a middle ground, incorporating GIS maps on websites I code or Wordpress sites whenever possible.  


There's a lot I really enjoy about what I do. I love being creative and coding is empowering. Also, there is so much that mapping reveals about society, and it's very interesting to see how those connections impact everyday life. It's exciting when I can bring those two aspects together, but it is also a very interesting time to be a mom who codes. I know that how my sons view me and understand what I do will positively influence their interactions with women in STEM far beyond my own contributions. 


- Julia Bourbois


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