Meet Erin Witmer, founder of Primary Book Club

October 16, 2017


Erin Witmer is the founder of Primary Book Club, a service that provides customized packages of books and guidance delivered each month. Follow Primary Book Club on their website, Twitter, and Facebook


1. What first inspired you to start Primary Book Club

I left my job on Wall Street after my first son was born. I realized that 10 years behind a spreadsheet hadn’t really prepared me for motherhood! There was a lot I didn’t know about what I was supposed to be doing to help him develop. I wanted to create a product that gives parents confidence they are doing the right thing during the earliest years.


2. What coding knowledge has helped you the most in creating this business? 

It was hard to find developers passionate about the problem I was trying to solve, which is why I decided to learn how to code. I started by learning HTML/CSS and a bit of PHP to get my first WordPress site up and running. I then moved into learning JavaScript, server-side programming (Node and some Python), databases, and modern front-end frameworks (React). Learning the full-stack has been invaluable. 

3. How is Primary Book Club a better way to purchase children's books than Amazon or other retailers?
Have you ever been to a Barnes & Noble with little kids? Or tried to search Amazon's 33 million titles for the perfect book? Not fun! We offer an individualized set of curated books based on your child's needs and interests. We also provide advice and activity ideas about ways to encourage development at storytime and throughout the day with each book. It's shipped to you each month, all for around the same price you'd pay at a retailer. 

4. What has been one of your biggest struggles in building this brand? 

People are used to being "sold" a product. Right now, we're not trying to sell our product. We're trying to recruit families who are passionate about the idea of helping parents be a child's first and best teacher. We want to better understand the problems families experience raising young children so that we can create a product that no new parent can live without! If that describes you, please consider joining us!

5. What is the most important thing you hope your children learn by watching you? 

I hope my two little boys learn it's OK to be vulnerable. It's OK if you don't have all of the answers. It's OK if you make mistakes. It's OK if you put something out into the world and no one responds. I hope they never let the fear of feeling vulnerable hold them back from trying something that could change the world in a positive way. Even if that change is for just one person.

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