#WhyICode: Amina Obe Uses Programming Skills To Start Company

September 1, 2017

I came from a single-family home where my mother worked two, sometimes three, jobs to make ends meet. She had a college degree but still struggled to gain financial stability in the early 90's economy. Her struggles with raising two children on one low income motivated me to work harder and explore the many career options available. 


I always loved computers from the first time I ever used one in 1997. All throughout elementary school, I fixed the issues teachers at my school were having with their computers and printers. My knack for solving computer related issues and curiosity about how computers worked internally drove me to study computer science. 


The programming came naturally for me, but jumping into the industry provided many challenges, such as the lack of diversity, little to no opportunities for women engineers, and lack of inclusion in a male-dominated workforce. I worked diligently to overcome those obstacles by continuing my education and personal branding. My dedication to branding myself worked so well that I was able to quickly advance my career, gain leadership opportunities at my company, and win an election for a local leadership position that has a national organization and is also known worldwide. 


My success has driven me to start a company named Resiliency Branding that provides personal branding, web development, and design resources for individuals looking to establish their brand for career advancement or entrepreneurship.  


I have experience with personal branding, professional development, and graphic designing for marketing, web, or social media presence.


I assist my clients by creating innovative strategies for the promotion of their skills, services, and products. I work toward the improvement of each client’s brand by guiding clients to implement different techniques and approaches to setting goals, clarifying ideas, and turning their talents, passions and purposes into brands that is powerful and profitable.


- Amina Obe
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