#WhyICode: Silvia Spiva Fuses Marketing with Programming

August 25, 2017

From a traditional "coding" definition, I learned HTML when the designer in charge of helping me design our new internal Community said he didn't like my design, because it went against the prescribed template. I told him that what I was asking him to build was based on dozens of interviews with the people for whom we were building the internal community. He still refused to build it. So, I borrowed some code from friends, asked for a few crash courses, and designed the pages myself. My communities ended up being the most successful, because I built them based on what the users had asked for.


I have a BS in Marketing (I love saying that) and have been in Marketing since before I graduated from university. However, I prefer to work with and build content for sales teams, precisely because they tell me exactly what information and material they need for their customers and partners. For me, the beauty of marketing material is in the information it provides to help people succeed. I am blessed to work in a team that is fully devoted to producing educational content, Cisco DevNet. developer.cisco.com

I am part of the #DevNetExpress team, which is teaching Network Engineers about Network Programmability, Cloud Collaboration, and Automation. Even the best in the industry need continuing education.


I came to Cisco, so I could work somewhere near my house, and be available when my puppy was very young.


I have one human baby, I call him my WebEx baby, because I raised him while working from home. Mostly collaborating via conference calls, not always sharing video. Haha... 


As I enter the next stage of my career, I am going to focus on getting the technical skills I'll need to survive and thrive in the age of Artificial Intelligence.


I am also passionate about mentoring, and helping people who aren't considered "technical" find their happy place in the information economy.


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