Amelia: Helping Moms Who Travel For Business

July 5, 2017

When I’m at work, I don’t actively wear my “mom” nametag. I rarely discuss my family at the office and gave up toting a diaper bag along with my briefcase last year. However, sometimes my status as “mom” defines me. On days like this, I think about my kids a lot. I put a game face on during business hours but can’t wait to get home and put on comfy pants and wrestle with my peanut-butter faced little kids. When I’m on the road traveling for business, on days like this I stay in at night. But what if I could find another mom to tell kid stories with over a well-earned glass of wine? What if I could find another entrepreneur whose interests also include “family” or “raising toddlers”?  

Now I can.


I built Amelia to connect women who travel for business. A lot of us are moms. Sometimes we want to talk politics or M&A at the end of a long day of good work on the road. But sometimes, when we have been away several nights or a kid is sick at home, we want that glass of wine at the end of a long day with someone who gets it. Another mom who understands that talking about our kids brings us closer to them when we’re separated by distance. When I’m on the road, Amelia helps me find the right businesswoman to connect with for a drink or a meal... or both, over shared stories about how much we miss and love our kids.

- Ellen Saksen, CEO of

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